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NO! you DO NOT need a new dryer you just need to unclog your vents! Read this to know why.

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

We had a customer who spent a fortune on a new dryer because his 5-year-old dryer was not drying his clothes anymore. When he got the brand new one installed a message came up on the screen "B-80" which means there still was an 80% blockage in the vents now he really had no choice but to call us. When our technician inspected his home the vent on his roof was completely clogged which did not allow no air to exit the vents. After the dryer vent cleaning was done the error went away but unfortunately, our client spent A LOT of money on something that was NOT the source of the problem. Our cleaning service is so unappreciated but yet so valuable for the safety of your home and to save you money. It makes the dryer work much more efficiently. My grandmother is still using her dryer which is over 20 years old because we properly maintain it for her. Feel free to call us to get a quote and an inspection in your house and make sure you do the service before it becomes a fire hazard and your vents are completely clogged. Have a great day feel free to share.

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