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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Atlanta GA

Benefits of Cleaning Your Dryer Vent in Atlanta GA

Over the years we have discovered how many homeowners unfortunately neglect this IMPORTANT service. There are SO much benefits when you stay on top of this which can help you save a lot of money in the long run.


  • Drying clothes faster = saving money on your electric bill and saving time which is valuable.

  • No excess lint in your ductwork or near your heating elements = using your dryer with confidence knowing you and your family will be safe of accidental dryer fires.

  • Preventing lint build ups and blockage in your ductwork = hot moist air will properly ventilate and will not get trapped in the system and make the duct work filled with water which can cause leaks in walls and ceilings.  

  • Preventing lint build ups and blockage in your ductwork = inexpensive dryer vent cleanings.


How to clean a dryer vent?


Let’s start and talk about how NOT to clean your dryer vent. Many homeowners buy the rods from home improvement stores and take upon themselves the job which 90% of the time ends up in a BIG mess. We often have to repair damaged ductwork and remove broken rods that got stuck inside. This cleaning process is done by our company using extremely durable commercial equipment. We always start with a thorough inspection to make sure your ductwork is properly intact before we start any cleaning. After that depending on where your dryer vent exhaust is we tackle the job using different strategies. The cleaning procedures are never the same every home gets its own private treatment. The dryer vent exhausts either vent on the roof, into the crawlspace then to the side of the house, ductwork often is in-between floors and walls, or goes into the roof and to the side of the house on a higher level. We tackle these jobs with different methods sometimes the cleaning is done from the inside, sometimes from the outside, sometimes from the attic or the crawlspace every house is different. The most important part of the cleaning is to clear the end of the ductwork and ensure that all the air blowing out of your dryer is escaping the ductwork with maximum airflow. We use both rotary brushes and air compressors with special industrial hose attachments to remove all the lint in your system. After the cleaning we will make sure that your laundry room is sparkling clean and there are no major lint residues left behind on the outside.

What is included in our dryer vent cleaning process?


  • All lint will be removed from your ductwork.  

  • All lint will be cleaned from your exterior vent cap.

  • Your actual dryer will get a cleaning, so lint isn’t accumulating around the heating elements.

  • We clean behind ourselves and leave your laundry room spotless.  


How often should you clean your dryer vent?

If your ductwork from the dryer to the exterior cap is over 3-4 feet long you should have a specialist clean your duct work and dryer once a year.



How do I know if my dryer vent needs to get cleaned?


  • Having to dry your clothes for more than one cycle. 

  • As you run the dryer, the laundry room will become hotter and more humid. 

  • You did not have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected for more than one year.

  • Lint accumulating on the exterior vent or the vent is not opening when the dryer is operating. 

  • Smelling a scent of burning lint. 

  • Water spots behind the dryer, on nearby dry wall or a water build up in the flex vent or ducts. 

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